Sweetener by Ariana Grande Review

Is it really sweet?

Brady Bush, Assistant Editor/Ariana Stan

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Last Friday, August 17 th , the world was graced with yet ANOTHER great album,
Sweetener by Ariana Grande, just after receiving Nicki Minaj’s iconic album. As far as first
impressions go for this pop album, I like it a lot, and I feel like Ariana really experiments with
the rhythm of her tracks.
Ariana Grande, who started as a child actor, has done a lot to develop her musical
career. For each release of each new album, her albums seem to have become more and more
mature. She released her first album when she was quite young and it definitely came off that
way too, as in very cutesy and girl-pop. From there her sophomore album was a little more
mature. For her third studio album, Dangerous Woman, she really showed the world that she
wasn’t Cat from Victorious anymore. She really defined herself as Ariana Grande and the album
was darker, more sexual, and more mature. The newest album, Sweetener, follows the trend as
she shows her more mature, confident, and independent side while also including some themes
about love.
While she has definitely evolved a lot, her sound has maintained relatively the same.
Her AMAZING high whistle-tones and vocal runs are still present in this album, and it won’t
leave fans disappointed. Her vocal style remains very pop, but she tries to make herself stand
out with interesting beats and sound tracks. In my opinion this works, and while I didn’t like it
at all at first, it’s really growing on me. In songs such as “R.E.M” and “successful,” she plays with
this and I think it really pays off in making her music stand out from the rest of the industry,
because it seems less poppy.
As far as the album’s themes go, as stated before, she integrates a lot of themes of
individuality and femininity. The one song that really embodies this and stands out is “God is a
woman,” especially with the accompanying music video, which is really an opus of femininity.
Other songs include “successful” and “better off.” She also brings her love with popular

comedian and fiancé, Pete Davidson, into the album in songs such as “goodnight n go” and
“pete davidson.”
Overall, I give this album a 9/10. I will always love Ariana Grande’s angelic vocals and I
think she does a good job of mixing up her style this time, while maintaining her vocal
character. It will definitely stay in my Spotify playlists for months to come.

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