New Popular Academy Award: A Yes or a No?

Do popular movies deserve more than their payout?


Emma Coons, Senior Editor/Oscar Enthusiast

While all movies have stepped up their game in the last decade, including those that do the best in the box office, are the Oscar worthy? The Academy announced on Wednesday the addition, along with a few other changes, of the “Popular Category” to the 2019 award lineup. This has caused quite the controversy, especially among those who look forward to the Oscars every year. Does this give too much merit to movies that don’t deserve it?

Personally, I think so. While many people speculate the change is due to the Oscars needing higher ratings, Disney owning Marvel (which makes the kind of movies which would be nominated), or people wanting Black Panther (2018) to win an Oscar, I do not think someone who produced Infinity War (2018) should be able to say they have an Academy Award in the same way someone who produced La La Land (2016) could. More details need to be released about how the nominees will be chosen, but as for now, I fall on the side against the category.