Problems with TNReady Based Testing Again in 2018


Autumn Lee, Journalist

TNReady testing has continued to be an unreliable source for a while; again in 2018 TNReady testing has proven to be a problem. This time as students began to take their test many were kicked offline and were unable to submit. This problem continued throughout the testing weeks for U.S. History, English writing and reading, as well as Chemistry and Biology.

     Problems began on TNReady’s opening day causing mass frustration amongst teachers and parents. In the past technological malfunctions caused, Education Commissioner, Candice McQueen to cancel TNReady testing for grades 3-8.

     This time around however, McQueen was upbeat about the testing because of state changed to testing procedures. This time about half are taking the test online, including all high schools and some middle schools whose areas have picked to go computerized. The rest are taking the test by paper.

     When testing began problems persisted state wide, regardless of the preventative measures taken to avoid this. Problems affected testing in at least 20 regions across Tennessee, in cities such as: Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Murfreesboro. Commentators have long scrutinized the legitimacy of the test and complained that the state tests its students excessively. Monday’s problems didn’t help.