Ready Player One Review: Be Prepared to Go Back to the Future


Emma Coons, Journalist

This movie really took me by surprise…I knew the Spielberg-y ‘80s vibes would have me hooked but I didn’t realize how hooked. I have a bad habit of falling asleep (especially at the movie theater with the fancy recliners) when seeing late night movies. I saw this movie at 10:05pm after a long day of stuff and I barely blinked. The constant references kept me engaged along with the incredible special effects that were truly seamless with “real life.”

Honestly one of my favorite aspects of the movie was the difference yet similarity between the Oasis and the Stacks. In the shots of the real world it almost feels less HD than the Oasis even though it is what’s truly real, but the difference shows how the characters feel about the real world. I also, personally, have never seen this good of CGI work. It was so realistic yet obviously virtual looking…it was stunning. Also, I myself adored the scene in The Shining as a huge fan. I was sitting waiting for elements of the original movie and was not disappointed.

Taking into account that I honestly didn’t think I was going to love this movie, Spielberg proved me wrong. The whole distopian fake reality future concept may seem stale, but this take is fresh and different. So yea, see it. If you know about the ‘80s and you like a good Easter Egg, it’s made for you.