Germantown Community Theatre’s First Date


Brady Bush, Journalist

If you’re looking for a good laugh and you’ve already seen every episode of The Office on Netflix, you should really consider going to the local production of the comedy-musical First Date at the Germantown Community Theater. Not only will you be supporting local arts, but you will also be experiencing something new and exciting, especially if you haven’t been to many plays!

I’ll be honest; I wasn’t extremely excited to see this play in the first place. I actually didn’t even know I was going until a few hours before the show. I wasn’t doing anything that night and I wanted to get out of the house so my best friend, whose brother is in the play, roped me into going with her. I was neither excited nor was I dreading going, I just didn’t really care.

I walked into the theatre and immediately liked the scenery. The lighting and set gives off a cool vibe that I liked. You can even go on stage before the show and get drinks if you are of age! There is also a live band playing before the show and throughout the production. After wandering around the set a little bit, we sat down in our front row seats (which were not already reserved for some reason) and the show began.

The show follows the story of a shy, awkward guy and an edgy, confident girl on a blind date together. Things start off rocky, but as the play progresses the awkward date goes all over the place. The other actors on set transform into multiple versions of their characters to help tell the story and history of the two main characters, which I thought was really cool.

The main aspect that I absolutely LOVED about this play was the humor. It was simply laugh out loud hilarious. Definitely not kid-appropriate, sprinkled with curse words and tons of references, but hilarious if you are okay with the profanity, which I definitely was. My favorite character was definitely the gay best friend trying to bail out the main edgy girl from the date, each time leaving a funny rap message for the girl.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but this play was definitely a huge 10/10 hit for me and I totally recommend seeing it before it leaves the theatre soon.


PS-Don’t forget to use the student pricing feature when buying your tickets to save a few bucks!