10 Things To Do When It Won’t Stop Raining


Brady Bush, Journalist

If you haven’t already noticed, it has been raining cats and dogs in Memphis lately. I don’t even remember what sunshine looks like. And even though God lowkey promised not to flood us out again, he just might switch things up on us so here are 10 things to do while you are stuck inside and it’s raining.



  • Cry– Nothing beats a good cry on a rainy day. C’mon you know you need it.
  • Bake-On a cold rainy day, the taste of a nice warm freshly, baked cake or cookie. Some personal favorites are Snickerdoodles and brownies.
  • Cuddle with pets-Being locked inside is the perfect excuse to give your pets a nice warm snuggle to try and warm up, even for fish and Large dragon lizards (@/Gressa Gaustad)
  • Sleep-The sound a rain on a window is like a free rain sleep soundtrack that you don’t have to pay for!
  • Binge your favorite Netflix show-Some of my favorites recently have been The Office and various terrible indie movies.
  • Online Shop-Why get out in the cold, wet weather when you can just shop from the comfort of your bed?
  • Make a Spotify playlist-March has just begun and for Spotify Premium Members this means making the monthly playlist. It’s the perfect time to do it!
  • Get ahead on schoolwork-While probably an unpopular option, more productive students can use this time WISELY to prevent stress in the future but most students probably won’t.
  • Find new coffee recipes-Coffee is the perfect rainy day treat! It’s literally all over tumblr so you know it’s true.
  • Build an Ark-You know, just in case.