Eh… That’s Good Enough


Matthew Moskowitz, Journalist

A few days ago, a pediatrician in Florida was arrested on accounts of only giving her patients portions of the vaccines they were supposed to be given. It has been reported that around 500 of her patients might be affected by this laziness. In 2016, Dr. Ishrat Sohail was suspended by the Florida Department of Health for only two months due to a federal vaccination program that administered vaccines to children with private insurance that was initially meant to be given as a part for Medicaid and uninsured patients. The evidence that only portions of the vaccines were given to her patients was discovered when the doctor’s offices were “raided.” The vials that were found in the offices contained vaccines to prevent Hepatitis A, HPV, and whooping cough.

Employees of Dr. Sohail’s office stated that a minimum of two patients had tested positive for the flu, but the doctor failed to notify them. She most likely did this in order to avoid any suspicion that the office was completing any “improper vaccination practices.” On top of all this “mess,” it can be said that the vaccines that Dr. Sohail administered to her patients weren’t anywhere close to being sterile. The Florida Department of Health has taken initiative by announcing that parents should be on the lookout for any signs of an adverse reaction/infection around the site of the injection. To say the least, “Dr.” Ishrat Sohail is suspected of committing Medicaid fraud and her license of practicing medicine was ultimately suspended by the Florida State surgeon general. As a heads up, don’t ever go to this doctor’s offices if you feel like you need any medical advice.