Queer Eye: Netflix Review


Gressa Gaustad, Journalist

Netflix recently released a  reboot of  Queer Eye, a show from the 90s, where gay men make over (usually)  straight guys. The show relies on the stereotypes of gay men to create a team called the “fab Five” to make over the average straight man. Each member of the fab five specializes in a category such as: design, food, grooming, fashion, and culture. The 2018 reboot features a new  Fab Five team relocated in Atlanta, Georgia rather than New York City as the original.


The new reboot has touching moments that pull at your heart strings and having you rooting for the underdog.The season consists of 8 episodes that pull you in. The thrill of watching a makeover completely change a duds life is truly thrill seeking. At the end of every episode the made over guys go and have a defining moment like renew vows of a party for work or coming out to family as their new improved self. The reboot being set in the south adds the factor of southern bigotry into the mix. This adds suspense to the show but ultimately the men on the show warm up and accept the fab five which is always sweet.


I highly recommend watching Queer Eye if you enjoy heartfelt reality makeover shows. Its like extreme makeover home edition but for people, and they don’t have to foreclose after.