Prom Dress Quiz? Yes.


Gressa Gaustad, Quizzist

Prom is like coming so soon y’all ( April 7th!!!) Take this quiz to see what prom dress you should wear.


What would you describe your style as?

    1. Sporty
    2. Retro
    3. Alternative
    4. Girly


If you picked A:

This is the dress for you! It perfectly showcases your sporty self in a classy look that is perfect for prom. Score!!!!!!!

If you picked B:

This is the perfect dress to fit your cool retro vibes. You make everyday a throwback thursday and prom is no exception



If you picked C:

You have a unique of the beaten path style and you’re not going to let prom get in the way of letting that shine. You aren’t like other girls and this prom dress proves it.

If you picked D:

You have a classic girly style and you have been waiting all year for prom to show it off! You love Pink and sparkles and your dress is no exception