What Kind of Gum Are You? – A Very Important Quiz

What Kind of Gum Are You? - A Very Important Quiz

Nicole Burdette, Quizzist

What group do you hang out with?

a. Usually older people

b. Everyone! They all love me!

c. I just pretend to like everyone

d. no one i’ve been left behind

What is your special quality?


b. Friendliness

c. Gossip

d. n/a

How is you hair styled?

a. Bald

b. Thicc

c. Dyed

d. just everywhere

What is your style?

a. Floral patterns. Like old mattresses.

b. Pretty!!!

c. Hypebeast

d. Tacky :/

Preferred writing utensil?

a. Quill and inkwell

b. Gel pens

c. Pilot g2 0.5 pt.

d. Stubby pencil with chewed eraser found off floor

Favorite Movie?

a. Wizard of Oz

b. Legally Blonde

c. Jeffree Star Youtube Videos

d. Cast Away


Mostly a’s- Time to sign up for AARP! You are Freedent Denture gum!

Mostly b’s- You are juicy Hubba Bubba gum!! You’re loved by most people and youre super sweet !! Congrats, probably the most favorable one on the list!

Mostly c’s- You’re Extra. Most people probably regard you as a snake.

Mostly d’s- Unfortunately, you are the unknown two month old gum left in the pocket of a raincoat about two months ago :/ It gets better. <3