Black Mirror – Top Three Episodes

Black Mirror - Top Three Episodes

Rosie Egan, Journalist

By this time, we all know of the Netflix original show, Black Mirror. This series is critically acclaimed and explores the dangers in advancements in technology. However, although all the episodes are good in some aspect, I’m here to tell you the three best episodes out of the four seasons (in no particular order).

  1. Crocodile – this episode takes you inside the mind of the characters. With a new memory viewing technology, insurance agent Sharzia is trying to solve a case involving a car accident. One of the witnesses of the accident, architect Mia Nolan, is hiding some very dark secrets. When interviewed using the new technology, things go very far south.
  2. Shut Up and Dance – as always, Black Mirror throws a twist in the episodes, and this one is no exception. A teen is filmed by his webcam and tormented by an unknown phone number, when he meets several other people going through the same thing. He is forced to complete many different tasks, leading to the final, most difficult one.
  3. Arkangel – Sarah is a little girl being raised by a single mother. After she attempts to run off, her mom decided to get a chip put in her brain which is connected to an iPad – esque device. The mother can see her sight and her vitals, and it also can pixelate things that might be disturbing. Obviously, as Sarah grows older, this becomes a very big problem. This becomes a dark story of overprotective parents.