Keeping Up With The Winter Olympics


Matthew Moskowitz, Journalist

As the 2018 Winter Games began last week in Pyeongchang, South Korea, so much has happened within the first 5 days of the event. Let’s start with the opening ceremony. It was suspected by Olympic officials that something was wrong with their systems during the ceremony, and was later found that it was a cyberattack. They resolved and fixed any evident problems by February 9th. Now let’s look at the medal count. By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the name Red Gerard. Gerard was the first gold medal winner for the USA in this year’s Olympic Games, and he’s only 17 years old! In addition, 17-year-old phenom Chloe Kim lived up to all of the pressure and won gold in women’s snowboard halfpipe. Her Korean-American father responded by saying she was carrying out his “American dream.” Most importantly, Shaun White devoured his own $920 (1 million won) cheeseburger dubbed “The Flying Tomato” after completing an almost perfect run.


Unfortunately, US Olympian Luger Emily Sweeney crashed in her final run in the women’s singles luge this morning. No bones were broken, but the medics said that she was walking “unsteadily” and was taken to the hospital as precautionary measures. Like many other athletes, the crash happened between Turns 12 to Turn 9 into a wall, using her feet. Before heading to the hospital, she told an NBC reporter than she was only sore and stiff. Seeing that McDonald’s sponsors the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, they built a pop-up in the Olympic village shaped like a big happy meal so that the athletes could eat their free food in a fun way. So if you love McDonald’s, but you aren’t an Olympic athlete you better start training cause the pop-up shop is restricted for Olympian use only.