Tales from a Panera Bread Employee

Tales from a Panera Bread Employee

Emma Coons, Panera Employee

So as you can tell from the title, I work at Panera Bread. I work at the cash register, so I get to talk to new people from the community all the time. Sometimes this is fun-and I see people I don’t normally see everyday! And we have regulars who are sweet and remember me and ask about my day, but there are also lots of crazy things that happen. LOTS. So I thought I’d share with you some of these interesting stories:

1) The other day I was told I was “below standard.” At Panera we have online orders called “Rapid Pick Ups.” These go out on a shelf when they’re ready but sometimes when they’re large or we’re busy they’re not ready when their recipients arrive. So the other day a man arrived and his Rapid got ready RIGHT WHEN HE WALKED IN so I said “Hey did you have a Rapid?” and saw one get put on the counter when it just got finished. So I said “Oh! Here it is!” and handed it to him. He proceeded to SCREAM at me and ask for my manager, pointed at me and said I was “below standard” and then said he would tell our company what a bad store we were. That was a bad day.

2) Once I had a woman straight up tell me we had no bagels when we had like SIX BASKETS FULL. Then asked me what kinds we had as I was motioning towards then and listing them off. And no-she was perfectly American and spoke English fine, she was just dumb. (To add onto dumb people-I love it when people pronounce the menu wrong. Like when they order a “Chip-o-tul Chicken Avocado Melt” or a “Modern Cwin-u-oa Salad” [which is supposed to say Quinoa]).

3) My last story will be my most recent. A few days ago I was there and a man wanted to pay for his meal with partly a gift card and partly cash. He had about $5.61 on the card and had like $2.something left to pay. So he didn’t want any loose change, and I accidentally told him the CHANGE left was .61 cents, which I then proceeded to tell him immediately was the wrong amount but he wouldn’t listen and said that “I said what I said” and he wanted no change-so I went to get my manager because I didn’t know what to do and he proceeded to SCREAM at her. It was ridiculous.

All in all I actually do really like Panera! I tend to love when crazy things happen because I get to tell people the crazy stories!