US Figure Skater Lands Historic Jump


Brady Bush, Journalist

At the PyeongChang Winter Olympic games, Mirai Nagasu, 24, broke a record that will certainly go down in history forever. On Monday night, Mirai Nagasu became the first American woman and only the third woman in the world to land the extremely difficult triple axel jump at the Olympic games.

Mirai Nagasu, who started getting on the ice at a young age, actually started her ice career as an ice girl for the NHL, fixing the rink for hockey teams during the breaks. She first skated in the Olympic at age 17 in 2010, placing 6th in her event, an already impressive feat for such a young age. After that she continued her career in skating for domestic and international tournaments and events. In 2014, she was actually declined a spot on the Olympic team in Sochi. While this was definitely an emotional challenge for the skater, she persevered and kept on practicing on national levels and made the 2018 Olympic team.

Before the Olympics, everyone knew that Nagasu could do a triple axel jump because she executed it during national tournaments and at the US Figure Skating Championship, which she ended up placing first in. However, nobody expected her to attempt such a risky and easily messed up move at the Olympic level.

On Monday night, she rocked everyone’s world by PERFECTLY executing the triple axel, earning her a place in Olympic history. While the event was a team event and Mirai Nagasu didn’t receive an individual medal for her performance, she definitely helped secure the US figure skating team a bronze medal along with her teammates. And for a move usually associated with Tonya Harding, who executed the move at a National level, especially with the release of I, Tonya, the triple axel will surely be associated with Mirai Nagasu for the foreseeable future.