RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 – Newspaper Edition! ;)


Elizabeth Harless, Drag King

  • Aja – Gressa

Dresses™, glowed up, everyone loves.

  • BeBe Zahara Benet – Autumn

Quiet, has already won.

  • BenDeLaCreme – Nicole

Annoying as heck but she’s probably gonna win.

  • Chi Chi DeVayne – Emma

Comes from a Southern family.

  • Kennedy Davenport – Matt

Eyes go two different ways… but beautiful.

  • Milk – Brady

Fan favorite until she opened her mouth.

  • Morgan McMichaels – Sterling

Went home first, kinda mean, but tolerable.

  • Shangela – Bayann

Dresses in iconic outfits and gets no recognition.

  • Thorgy Thor – Winnie

Nice hair.

  • Trixie Mattel – Elizabeth

Funny on occasion.

  • RuPaul – Jack

Kinda annoying, the Gays™ idolize her.

  • Michelle Visage – Rosie

Judgey, not in drag, but certainly a queen.

  • Alaska – Coach Becker

Talks slowly, is already in the drag hall of fame.

  • Chad Michaels – Coach Wolff