Kian Lawley


Nicole Burdette, Journalist

A video of prominent YouTube influencer, Kian Lawley, saying the n-word has been released. As a result, Lawley has lost a movie deal with Fox. Ironically, the movie was set to be about anti-hate and was going to be titled, “The Hate U Give.” Surprisingly, a large number of people are supporting him, claiming that his words were an ignorant mistake he made as a young teen since the video is actually about 6 years old. In fact, many twitter users are comparing Lawley’s repercussions to fellow Youtuber, Logan Paul. A month ago Paul posted a video of him and his friends disrespecting Japan, with the finale being him filming a dead body that he found hanging in the Japanese Suicide Forest. Despite Paul receiving major backlash, his livelihood was not harmed and has recently come back to Youtube to the dismay of many who were displeased with his insincere apologies. Lawley has released an apology on Twitter with divided reactions. Nevertheless, his actions have disappointed many fans who have looked up to him for years.