Former White House Official Blasts Trump on Reality TV


Brady Bush, Journalist

In one of this week’s episode of the hit American reality TV show, Big Brother Celebrity Edition, former White House Communications Director under the Trump administration made some eerie comments about the current political climate of the White House that left Americans with loads of shock and anxiety.

To start off, Omarosa Manigault Newman, the highest ranking black woman in the Trump administration, has a complicated history with President Trump. In 2004, Manigault Newman’s first real public appearance was on the first season of Donald Trump’s old TV show, The Celebrity Apprentice, a show where Donald Trump capitalizes over making D-list celebs run his errands for the enjoyment of Americans eating family dinner on tray-tables staring at the TV. She then continued to return for the thirteenth season in 2013. It was on this show where Manigault Newman began to gain her reputation for being a snaky, two-faced person with a notorious “b—th switch,” as she so called it. So Manigault Newman had developed a relationship with Donald Trump before Trump even began to conspire to become President.

When Donald Trump first announced his bid for presidency, Manigault Newman advocated her support for the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. However, later on Manigault Newman switched sides and started supporting her “friend” Donald Trump in his campaign.

After Trump’s election, Manigault Newman served as the director of communications for his administration for about a year before resigning/being fired.

In the clip attached below, teary-eyed Manigault Newman makes many claims and statements about her time at the White House, all resonating with a sense of impending doom. Some of the quotes include “I was haunted by tweets every single day, like, what is he going to tweet next?” and “No, it’s not going to be okay. It’s not. It’s so bad.”

Her statements have already been met with massive controversy, some claiming she was doing it for attention because she was on national television, others claiming this is evidence of Trump’s evilness.

Watch the entire video linked below and figure out what you think for yourself.