Are Dynasties Bad for Sports?


Sterling Sellers, Sports Journalist

As the NFL season reaches its climax, the sports world is yet again treated to a super bowl featuring the New England Patriots. The 52nd edition of the event will take place on Sunday, February 2nd when the Philadelphia Eagles take on the defending champions.

      The Patriots’ appearance in the game marks their eighth in the past seventeen seasons, with New England being victorious five times in seven tries.

      This success is largely attributed to veteran quarterback, Tom Brady and Head Coach, Bill Belichick. The duo have created an unmatched dynasty in the past twenty years. However, this success breeds undoubted controversy.

      Over the years the Patriots have been plagued by accusations of cheating in order to preserve their success. These accusations range anywhere from spying on opposition practices, to illegally deflating footballs.

      These accusations, combined with unparalleled success, turned the New England Patriots into the villain of the NFL. For every rabid Patriots fan, there are ten equally rabid Patriot haters. But does the presence of a vilified dynasty have a negative effect on the sport in question?

      There is no scarcity of hated dynasties in the history of sports: the New York Yankees in baseball, the Los Angeles Lakers in basketball, and the University of Alabama in college football. 

      While some may say that these dynasties make their respective sports more predictable, many others would argue that there is nothing more interesting than a team that everyone loves to hate.

      Maybe there is a certain predictability when a dynasty exists, but many neutral sports fans will tell you that they will follow a game just to see the “Bad Guys” lose. 

      For the fans of the teams that face the Patriots every season, the games against the Pats offer them the chance of being the team that upsets the super villain franchise. They will mark their calendars and wait for the chance to celebrate a win over Tom Brady and his band of outlaws.

       Whatever your perspective, one has to respect the success that the Patriots have garnered over the years. Dynasties in sports will always be despised by other players and fans alike; but if your team was to start its own incredible dynasty, I doubt you would complain about the unfairness of the situation.