6 more weeks of winter 6 things to do while you wait for spring.


Gressa Gaustad, Journalist

Are you sick of the bitter cold and constant weather change from semi-decent to very bad? Well sorry boyz, but today February 2, 2018 the groundhog saw his shadow which means we will have 6 more weeks of gloomy winter. Dont worry about being bored inside any longer because I got you. Here are 6 things to do while you wait for spring. 

1. Create a hate page for groundhogs. – Groundhogs did this to us, and they think they are all that so take their ego down a notch.

2. Knit some gloves or maybe a scarf or like a blanket?-  why? because its cold.

3.Work on your beach body.- The Gym will be warm and you can dream of warmer days. 

4. Instead of going to the Gym watch a beach movie.- Lets be real, going to the gym takes leaving your house. Just stay home and watch something warm.

5. Read the Pony Express. – why not we post fantastic content.

6. Sleep.- Nothing is better than sleep.