Watch out (小 心)………… ;~)


Elizabeth Harless, Meredith Harless

Recently, there was a Lego art installation in a Chinese museum made completely out of Lego blocks, modelled after the Zootopia character Nick Wilde. The sculpture, made by Chinese artist, Zhao, a 22-year-old graduate of Zhejiang University’s Institute of Technology, took around 10,000 blocks and three full days and nights to make.

One hour after the exhibit opened, a four year old boy ATTACKED the 14,000, 5 foot tall sculpture. The fox, now reduced to thousands of individual pieces, let out one out one final heart wrenching howl as the security guards tranquilized the boy and dragged him out of the museum.

The boy’s parents offered to repay the artist, but he refused all of their money, saying he wasn’t mad he just “felt really frustrated and I even [started] to question my life.” He continued saying that, “the boy is young, and besides the staff are responsible too for not keeping an eye on the sculpture.” Now Zhao says he plans on getting revenge on the Ningbo museum’s staff. Watch out (小心).