The Shape of Water Review: I’ve Gladly Been Proven Oh, So Wrong.


Emma Coons, Movie Fanatic

Much to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Guillermo del Toro made one of the strangest movie ideas I’ve ever heard of into a truly beautiful story and beautiful movie. Sally Hawkins portrays a mute, somewhat self-oppressed woman who originally befriends but eventually falls in love with a amphibious creature held in the government facility her and Octavia Spencer clean at night. Yes, sounded quite odd to me too.

It’s honestly hard to describe why this movie is so great-at least for me. If I’m being frank what deterred me from it originally was the idea that the woman would have…relations…with the creature, and this may sound contradictory, but I felt like those scenes were a bit unnecessary but also certainly not gratuitous. That would be the only reason this movie gets a 4.5 not a 5 from me. While the scenes weren’t particularly graphic, which was my main concern coming in, I feel as though the story didn’t really need sex, but I certainly wouldn’t knock it too much for that. On the other hand, this movie was visually amazing. I absolutely adored the long steadicam shots and the beautiful use of light in the underwater shots. Also all of the characters worked in harmony and each had such an important role in their story, which is something I feel is somewhat lacking in cinema today. Sometimes nowadays it feels like characters are shoehorned in the fit norms, but this movie needed all the characters it had.

In conclusion, yes, this movie proved me wrong, and I couldn’t be happier about it. It is more than worth a watch, and that’s a fact.