Worst Gifts / Binge List: Winter Break Edition

Worst Gifts / Binge List: Winter Break Edition

Jack Franklin, Editor!

Matthew Moskowitz

Worst Gift: My sweet brother gave me tissue boxes and said “This for when you don’t get into the colleges you applied to.”

“Binge”: I listened to grandma Frances Moskowitz tell us about the time she was locked in the bathroom of her Brooklyn apartment in the 1950’s. 

Brady Bush

Worst Gift: A pocketknife keychain

“Binge”: Bad movies on Netflix

Emma Coons

Worst Gift: Someone got a STOCKING. You can’t use that until at least December 2018.

binge: I binged on raspberry thumbprint cookies. Yum.

Gressa Gaustad

Worst Gift: Maternity sweaters for definitely not pregnant people. 

“Binge”: I rewatched most of Glee. Lol. 

Nicole Burdette

Baby Driver! It wasn’t  a show or song that I was obsessed with over winter break but this movie. Ansel Elgort is so cute I love him and the plotline is pretty original. It’s kind of a love story but there is also a lot of action- I recommend it.  

Arrested Development! My brother lowkey forced my mom and me to watch this show leading up to Christmas but it’s a classic. However, we stopped after the second season because the rest of the episodes are just poorly made reboots.  

Music! —>

I did a lot of travelling so I constantly listened to this playlist I made on Spotify that I won’t link.

Elizabeth Harless

Binge Watch: the Great British Baking Show

It’s like Cupcake Wars but everyone loves each other and wants everyone to do well. Mary Berry is my actual mother.

Bad gift: a box of Kraft mac and cheese

I would’ve been fine receiving any other brand of mac and cheese, I just hate Kraft…apart from the shaped noodles because those are so gross that they’re good.