Gotta Get Your Daily Source of Iron


Matthew Moskowitz, Journalist

A few weeks ago a man in Madhya Pradesh, India, went to his doctor reporting that he was having bad abdominal pains, but when 28 year old Maksood Kahn met with his doctor, he initially thought the pain was originating from signs of food poisoning. After the doctors “ran some tests” they found that it was not even close to food poisoning. When he went to his doctor he reported that he has been in pain for the last month. After the results for the x-rays were found, it was discovered that Kahn had an infection in his abdomen, along with low blood pressure. But then after they received the x-ray results, they found that Kahn’s critical condition was even more serious than they thought.


Once they performed another deep x-ray scan and an ultrasound of Kahn’s abdomen, it was revealed that there was an abundance of metal objects ranging from coins to razor blades. Kahn underwent surgery on November 24th and had chains, nut bolts, 263 coins and 100 nails removed from his stomach. The doctors think that this unusual situation was caused by some form of depression. Kahn was held in critical condition being supported by a ventilator postoperatively. While he is out of the hospital now, the surgeons have stated that only a few coins are still in his rectum, but will pass through soon.