Entirety of US Now in North Korea’s Missile Range


Brady Bush, Journalist

On Wednesday, November 29th, North Korea successfully tested a new missile that is allegedly able to hit anywhere in the entire continental United States. The success of this missile not only strikes fear into the hearts of the civilians but also shows that the entire world is now in the launch range of North Korea.

The missile was launched at 3 A.M. in the morning and for 53 minutes shot 4500 kilometers in the sky before crashing into the sea 210 kilometers west of Japan. The missile also reached the highest altitude ever recorded for a missile, as reported by the country’s state media.

Not much has been done in reaction to this global disturbance, but it has only been a few hours since it happened. President Donald Trump simply responded, “We will take care of it,” which essentially means nothing and just serves to stall a real response from the United States government.

To add to the hysteria, North Korea continues to reinforce its initial stance that the North Korean government will not participate in any diplomacy until it has proved the ability of its nuclear program to send a message that North Korea is able to defend itself from the forces of other world powers, mainly the United States and its European allies. The two stated goals of the program to prove its ability were the testing of a long range intercontinental missile and an above ground nuclear detonation, one of which has just been proven.

All in all, as North Korea moves closer and closer to achieving its goals, the pressure on the United States increases to take a more definitive and concrete stance or to take some action to prevent nuclear annihilation.