Aussie LGBTQ+ Community Wins Big!


Winnie Sisk, Journalist

Recently in Australia, a nationwide poll was administered to all citizens of age to vote whether they are in favor of legalizing gay marriage. The poll was answered by 12.7 million Australians, which is high participation at nearly 79.5% of total citizens of age to vote. The results of the poll came out to 61.6% in favor of legalization and 38.4% against it. Although this poll is not administered by the Australian government, the poll has brought nationwide attention to the subject. The goal of the poll was to have valid results to show the Australian parliament, so that maybe one day they would legalize it. It has indeed brought the subject to the table for discussion in the government there. This poll showed that Australians are ready to legalize gay marriage and catch up with the other countries that have recently done the same.

The day after the results came out, large celebrations were held in cities all across Australia led by LGBTQ+ groups. The celebrations were because their voice has finally been heard and that this poll has brought them one step closer to legalizing marriages between same sex couples. In Melbourne, where they had a solid majority in favor of legalization, there were large celebrations held in the street downtown, though the largest gathering was in Prince Alfred Park in Sydney.

Australia is attempting to follow in the United States’ footsteps, after gay marriage was legalized here in 2015. Although nothing has been guaranteed so far, this is a big step towards parliament passing it.