Lady Bird Review: Y’all, Believe the Hype.


Emma Coons, Film Reviewer

This movie truly accomplished relatability, without having to try so hard. Lady Bird truly brought a smile to my face through subtle humor and feel-good vibes. This film surrounds the struggles of a Sacramento high school senior dealing with her impending college situation and just her life. It’s a lovely coming-of-age/mother-and-daughter story which everyone can find something within to relate to. Personally, I related to her “all-American” girl vibe and her love/hate relationship with Sacramento. Some things others may relate to in the film included her high school boy struggles and her difficult relationship with her mother.

One complex I seem to have with movies is that if I’m not in-love with it, I’ll find myself watching but waiting for the movie to be over. Director Greta Gerwig kept me far from this. I was honestly so upset when it was over. I became so invested in the characters and so interested in the story, I’m still thinking about it 16 hours later. And I cannot suggest seeing this movie enough. Go see it. For real.