A Typical Day in Tesla-Land


Matthew Moskowitz, Journalist

Yesterday Tesla revealed their big, upcoming plans for production over the next few years to the world. It would be an understatement to say that their plans were anything less than interesting. The company released their plans to start production on a new semi-truck model and a new sportscar (both being fully electric). The event was only designed for their unveiling of their rendition of a fully electric semi-truck model. Overall, it seems like the surprising introduction of the Tesla Roadster overshadowed the semi-truck part.


Now to the crazy specs of the two new models. Elon Musk claimed that the Roadster would be able to hit 60 MPH in 1.9 seconds, and that’s only for the base model. This claim would mean that this would be the first time a production car would crack the 2-second threshold. In addition, Musk said that the car would have a top speed of “more than 270 MPH” with no specificity, but to be the fastest on record it would have to beat the Koenigsegg’s record of 277.9 MPH. A base model Roadster will be going to cost you $200,000, but the first 1,000 to be produced will be apart of the “Founder’s Series” and will cost you an extra $50,000. Switching over to the semi-truck, we don’t really know too much about the specs besides it will have a range of around 500 miles and that it looks really cool both inside and out. Already, Meijer Inc.  has reserved four of the 18-wheelers. If it were me (which it is) I wouldn’t expect the cars to be on the road anytime soon given that even the Model 3, which was revealed last year, hasn’t even been distributed yet to their buyers. So don’t expect either of the models to be on the road anytime soon.