14 Things To Do While Waiting On Your College Acceptance Letter To Arrive

14 Things To Do While Waiting On Your College Acceptance Letter To Arrive

Gressa Gaustad, Teen

The worst part of senior year is waiting for you college decision letters to come in. decisions can take weeks and if you are as impatient as I am here are 14 things to do while you wait:

1. Make a drastic change to your appearance.- College is supposed to be a time of discovery, so why not go ahead and get a head start! Give yourself spir of the moment bangs, a wild hair color, or if you have already turned 18 why not a tattoo you will regret in a couple of months!

2. Cry about your drastic change in appearance.- Its okay to cry, so much is changing!

3. Camp out by your mailbox.- You never know when those letters will come in, so go ahead and camp out by the mailbox so you will know as soon as the decision arrives! Makes sure to also bring your laptop because some colleges send out an email too.

4. Cry- While it may sound obvious, a good activity is to cry because will you really make it in the world on your own? Does your college of choice really think you’re all that? Will you make friends in college? see, the possibilities are endless!

5. Loose focus on your current studies.- You have our whole future to do school work so why not slack now when you aren’t paying thousands of dollars a year and going in to debt!

6. Get a job!- the college you want to go to is most likely way out of your price range, better start saving as soon as possible.

7. Sleep.- Nothing is better than a good nap, so push all your worries aside and snuggle up to get a few winks.

8. Make slime.- If you are an avid reader of the newspaper you have already read my article on slime, if not go ahead now! Slime is all the rage and is used as a tool to relax. Grab some glue and get to making some gooey magic!

9. Binge watch shows on Netflix.- Netflix has some great options when it comes to shows to watch, and they have something for everyone! (#notsponsored)

10. Stalk people you barely know on social media. – Cyber stalking is a great way to pass the time, and its completely free. Just hop on to your media platform of choice and go to town looking up information on your desired subject.

11. Stare at the schools website page for online applications- Some schools have specialized sites for those applying If that’s the case for your school take a go of staring at the page for as long as you like, changing tabs and refreshing as necessary

12. Throw your computer against the wall.- Staring at your computer screen isn’t going to relive you of college stress so go ahead and get that anger out!

13. Get a new pet!- It is a proven fact pets help relive stress. Get a cute kitten or puppy to help you wait it out.

14. Eat your feelings.- There is no better way to pass then time than to eat a bunch of food you shouldn’t. When participating in this activity it is crucial that you do not eat food that would even be remotely good for you. Make sure to get a head start on those freshman 15!