Movie Review: Murder On The Orient Express, “eh.”


Emma Coons, Film Fanatic

I had fairly high hopes for this movie; the cast seemed hopeful, especially Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe. But sadly, i‎t did not meet these expectations. I‎t wasn’t awful, i‎t just really wasn’t great. The story kept me interested, but the portrayal didn’t compete. I found myself snoozing off and fighting droopy eyes throughout much of the middle of the movie, and no, I wasn’t even tired. I‎t, however, was really pretty. The graphics of the train were very realistic, and made the story seem more realistic. The camera shots within the train were also intriguing. I found myself reminiscing on Wes Anderson’s different train shots and angles, but that may just be because I’m a big fan. All in all, I would not advise seeing this movie in theaters…it’s adequate for a late night Starz watch on the couch, but not worth $10.50.