Elizabeth’s Journal 📓


Elizabeth Harless, Innovator

For the past three days, my dog has refused to go outside to use the bathroom by herself. Nessie, my half chihuahua half beagle, just turned a year old and is afraid of most things. However, she usually loves to be outside in the backyard to explore, but recently, she won’t even go near the back door.

I was confused as to what was up, so this afternoon, I threw my dog outside and shut the door to observe from the indoors. As she hesitantly made her way to her usual patch of grass where she goes, a shadow passed overhead. Mid-pee, she sprinted back to the door. Just before making it to the door, a giant hawk swooped down and bodied my small dog. She screamed. I was shocked. I bust the door open to save my squealing child.

She is still shaking even though my family has consistently bombarded her with treats for the past hour. I hope that one day the city of Germantown will get its threateningly large population of hawks under control in order to keep our children safe on the streets. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated at this very emotional time for me, my family, and Nessie. God bless.