Baby Monkey Overdoses on Coffee

Brady Bush, Journalist

Recently, a tourist was driving around in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, on a motorcycle with a regular cup of coffee in his cup holder when a baby monkey swooped out of nowhere and got onto the bike. The baby monkey quickly snatched the coffee and chugged all of it down in one gulp. After he finished the coffee, he leapt off of the bike and collapsed on the pavement nearby. Tourists and civilians gasped, terrified, and didn’t know what to do. They called emergency services and the animal control unit and veterinarians quickly arrived, saying that the monkey had collapsed due to the caffeine overdose in the coffee. They elaborated saying that the coffee is fine for a human but for such a small monkey, the caffeine could have been lethal. Thankfully, the veterinarians caught it in time and administered a carbon and saline solution on the scene to the monkey which reversed the effects of the caffeine. The 6 month old monkey woke up 10 hours later, at 3 AM, and was held for observation for a little while longer before being released back to his troop in the wild.  The warden is currently keeping an eye on the baby monkey and reminding people never to give monkeys food other than fruits or vegetables. If there’s anything to learn from this, it’s that giving your pets or other animals any kind of human food could potentially be fatal and should be avoided at all costs to ensure that our furry friends stay alive and well.