Traveling with Friends to a Subpar Mall – An Emotional Rollercoaster

Traveling with Friends to a Subpar Mall – An Emotional Rollercoaster

Brady Bush, Journalist

Spending hours in the car and going to shopping at the biggest outlet mall in the state may seem like a great time at first, but let me tell you there are a few things you need to be aware of before you hop in your dad’s SUV and make this road trip the reality.


Let me get one thing straight right away. When you wake up at 7 in the morning to start the 3ish hour drive to Opry Mills in Nashville, ALL passengers in the car have a responsibility. The driver, obviously, must stay awake and safely drive the car to the mall, always on the lookout for rest stops and ways to relieve his or her cramping back. The passenger seat has one of the most crucial tasks-the aux cord. The passenger must play a bopping playlist for the whole drive and make sure the driver doesn’t get bored. Secondly, the passenger has to help the driver navigate through all 13 of the interstates crossing at a single point in Nashville and other general directions. Lastly, the passenger also has to distribute all of the fast food and manage the trash bag for the whole trip. It is IMPERATIVE that the passenger does NOT sleep at any point. It was cause ultimate boredom and potentially death. The people in the backseat must keep the car lively by spreading good conversational vibes and may fall asleep, but shouldn’t.







Rest Stop!!

Once you get to the mall the “fun” part begins. Greeted by the entire DECA club of some Nashville high school or by our Lord Rihanna herself, you really feel at home at this special place. While you might’ve been misled by the promise of outlet stores, the majority are regular stores, but still fun to shop at. By now the whole crew is probably tired and starting to get cranky, so getting some grub could help. There are plenty of options, such as the Rainforest Café and Bavarian Bierhaus, to feast at but I strongly suggest Moe’s, where you can stare Rihanna in the eyes for your entire meal while shoving a mediocre quesadilla in your mouth. However, even after an auth

entic Mexican dining experience, tensions are probably still high, especially after getting lost in the extensive Forever21. Once closely-knit friends may start to experience some bad vibes and become irritated with each other. This is when you know it’s time to leave.










Meeting Rihanna

The tensest part of the trip is navigating your way back to the main interstate via 6 other local Nashville interstates. People start yelling in the car, especially after stupid jokes are made. So, if you are in the back seat, I suggest taking a short nap after this emotionally-trying period so you can pull yourself back together. Once you awake, it’s time for the same long trip but in the dark so buckle up because it’s going to be a long ride back.


Overall, even though it’s fun to travel with your friends, you will never look at Nashville the same way. An exceedingly mediocre experience will prevent you from going back for a very long time.