It Follows: Movie Review

It Follows: Movie Review

Rosie Egan, Journalist

It Follows is an absolutely excellent film. Not only are the plot and script well written, the characters are interesting and played very well by the actors chosen. The cinematography and camera shots are very clear and add a lot to the viewers experience. The soundtrack, made by Disasterpiece (aka Rich Vreeland), is compelling and sets the tone of the movie. All the elements in the film contribute to the otherworldly feel.

The main point of the plot is that there is a sexually transmitted demon, who begins following a girl named Jay after she has sex. The demon cannot do anything but walk, however, it never stops walking and it is always following. It can take the form of anyone, but often is a person close to the person it’s following. After it kills someone, it goes back to following the previous person who passed on the curse. Although this idea is very original and interesting, the story is a bit thin, and the film sometimes seems to make up rules for itself as it goes.

The movie did not have a high budget, but did not shy away from having special effects and some gore scenes. Most movies with low budgets try to avoid these types of scenes, due to the amount of money they must put into them. Another detail I found interesting was how much of the film was outside, which is a difficult thing to do as a director because of the weather and different conditions, plus how long it takes to film a scene and deal with the natural lighting change. 

Even with its flaws, It Follows is overall a great movie in all aspects, and keeps the viewer terrified. It’s very creepy and suspenseful. This is definitely a horror movie that delivers and does not waste a minute of your time. You can find it easily on Netflix, and I would recommend this film.