Dolly… A Shining Star

Dolly... A Shining Star

Elizabeth Harless, Important Person

On October 13, 2017, our Lord and Savior Dolly Parton released her first children’s album titled, “I Believe In You.” All of the proceeds made from this album will go to Parton’s foundation, the Imagination Library. The Imagination Library was founded in 1995 by Parton with the intention of providing free books to preschoolers as well as honor her late father who could not read.

 My favorite song off of her new album is “Responsibilities,” an upbeat, funky tune that illustrates the importance of doing your part around the house as well as around the world. The entire album was made to encourage children to do their best and never give up. Tracks such as “You Can Do It,” and “Makin’ Fun Ain’t Funny,” relay the messages to never give up and to never bully anyone because they are different than you.

Dolly’s new album has changed my life. Before this album, I was confused about my life, but now I have been enlightened. The song “Imagination” from the album has truly inspired me in my daily life. Avid Dolly Parton fan, Kyle Cherry, raves about the album, saying that, “‘I Believe In You’ is her best album yet. Nothing can beat this. She can only go down from here. The recording of Dolly reading ‘A Coat of Many Colors’? Genius.” 

Parton’s work with the Imagination Library and other charities and organizations have inspired people around the world to assist people in their communities and all around the world when they are in need. Dolly Parton is truly a saint for her willingness to donate her talents to this world.