It’s Nike, What Do You Expect?

Its Nike, What Do You Expect?

Matthew Moskowitz, Journalist

As the regular season of the NBA has just begun this week, the league is already having some major problems. The problem doesn’t even focus on how many players have been injured so far only a single game into the season. The problem lies in their new provider of the 30 teams’ game-jerseys: Nike. As early as the jersey’s active debut for the NBA’s Summer League, people have seen that the new jerseys have been ripping while the players are on the court. For example, Lakers’ point guard Tyler Ennis had his jersey ripped on his back around the numbers during a Summer League game. The first case of this jersey malfunction in the regular season was seen in Cleveland’s season-opener when LeBron James’ jersey ripped right down the middle between his number. The tear was simply caused by a defender that grabbed the back of James’ jersey. It just seems too easy for this problem to occur to any player at any time.


This summer marked the transition from Adidas as the league’s official game-wear outfitter to the Nike/Jordan brand. In past seasons, this never seemed to occur with the jerseys that Adidas provided the players with. In turn, people started turning to Twitter to post jokes about the in-game malfunctions, even Reggie Miller tweeted a joke about it. Since it is only the first week of the NBA’s regular season hopefully the global sportswear brand can quickly make the change before this starts to become a regular occurrence.