Winnie Sisk, Journalist

After the tragic massacre in Las Vegas that happened on Sunday night that left 50+ dead and nearly 500 injured, many have gathered to protest for stronger gun laws. One of these groups called Gays Against Guns (GAG) marched from Union Square in Manhattan to Times Square protesting the lenience the American government has with guns. This group was initially formed after the massacre at Pulse Nightclub that occurred last year, where 49 people died who identified as LGBTQ. The Gays Against Guns are “committed to nonviolently breaking the gun industry’s chain of death- investors, manufacturers, the NRA and politicians who block strong gun laws”.

This protest gathered nearly 200 people -some GAG members and some merely supporting the cause- who marched while chanting the wishes that the LGBTQ community had for politicians who are avoiding passing controversial gun laws that could save countless lives. GAG has also been attempting to push back the U.S.’s murderous negligence and to persuade the Center of Disease Control (CDC) to appropriately investigate the causes of these mass acts of terror with militarized weapons; it is unclear whether the CDC has actually responded to their countless requests.