Slime Is Back!


Gressa Gaustad, Journalist

Plaguing Instagram feeds  and wiggling its way into the hearts of twelve year olds everywhere slime is making a comeback! Once thought to be left in the 90s and only used for Nickelodeons Kids Choice Awards this squishy substance now can be found in homes ad schools everywhere. Made with white or clear glue and borax solution with recipes made down to an exact science this simple yet complex goo is a toy of choice. With differing varieties such as floam, clear, butter, slushie, icee, and many more the options are endless!

To get the inside scoop I asked my twelve year old sister and her friends about the craze. What I found out was astonishing. Twelve year old girls had created an industry. Selling slimes at school and online over sites such as Etsy and marketing over Instagram. The slimes are priced competitively and the girls (and boys) are taking a hand at real life economics. Not only that, but they are supportive of one another, sharing recipes and giving critiques.
So now get out there, make your own slime or buy some and support young business people everywhere.