Wolf Hard

Wolf Hard

Rosie Egan, Journalist

You may or may not have seen the 2017 adaptation of IT, but if you have, one of the things that definitely should stick out in your mind is the fantastic acting of all the child actors. Their performances were incredibly realistic and humorous. Although all of the actors were great, I’m going to focus on one of them in this article.

Finn Wolfhard, a Canadian actor, is only fourteen years old. He’s had minor roles in television series before, such as Supernatural, but he really made his debut in the Netflix series Stranger Things, in which he plays Mike Wheeler. He showcased his abilities in the show, and he later starred in IT as Richie Tozier.

I think a big reason he is so well liked is not only for his acting, but also for his relatability as a young person in society. He is admirable and an inspiration for many aspiring actors, and he shows his personality a little through his roles. Just like any regular teen, Wolfhard has taken up hobbies such as playing bass and guitar.

Wolfhard has obviously worked hard on his acting career, but he has said in the future he really wants to direct or write. As many say, and he agrees with this, a film set is the best film school. In my opinion, everyone should keep an eye on this young actor, as his determination and skills will help him achieve amazing things.