AHS Season 2: Review


Rosie Egan, Journalist

All seasons of American Horror Story are absolutely insane and completely push the boundaries of content shown on TV. However, my personal favorite season is Asylum, season 2 of the series. It takes place in the 1960’s, and explores the controversial issues of the time, some of which are just as if not more controversial today. A nun named Sister Jude is the owner of an insane asylum called Briarcliff Manor. She and another nun run and maintain the institution. The story takes the audience inside the asylum and shows all the abuse and neglect taking place. It has several different and interesting characters, whose stories all intertwine in some way. It begins when a man named Kit Walker is accused of being the infamous serial killer, Bloody Face.

Similar to the first season, and like every season after it, Asylum has endless twists and different plotlines to develop. This, in my opinion, is the creepiest and most interesting season of them all. The events that take place are exaggerated, but they reflect the way society was at that time. It shows the racism, the attitude towards mental illness and the treatment of the mentally ill, and how corrupt some people were. This season keeps you on your toes and does not give the audience a break.