6 Things To Do If You Are Staying Home Over Fall Break


Brady Bush, Journalist

the back of our moms’ Range Rovers to drive down to 30A or Santa Rosa Beach, here are SIX
things you can do if you’re stuck in the 901 this fall break with nothing to do.
1. Go to the Movies, with friends or without
There are tons of good movies out right now that you NEED to see like Lego Nijago, IT,
and My Little Pony: The Movie. You don’t need a friend to go with you to sit in silence in
a dark room watching a movie, so go alone if you have to! Plus, over fall break you have
the opportunity to catch all the cheap weekday matinee prices instead of selling your
soul to Malco to catch the latest releases.
2. Go to the Mempho Music Festival
The first annual Mempho Music Festival is taking place this Friday and Saturday, October
6 th and 7 th at Shelby Farms. The line-up is impressively headlined by Cage the Elephant, a
popular group for a first annual event. Tickets are still up but make sure to buy your
tickets sooner rather than later so you can secure your ticket!
3. Go check out the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
The Brook’s Museum is known as Tennessee’s oldest and largest major collection of
world art, so why not go check out one of Memphis’ coolest attractions. You can go

alone or with friends and still have a great time. There are some moving paintings on
display year-round but also some interesting exhibitions going on. Wednesday
admission is per donation, so you can go get lost in the artwork for cheap!
4. Go to a park
Memphis weather is finally cooling down. HALLELUJAH! Now is a perfect time to take
advantage of the great outdoors and go to a park just to chill out by yourself or with
friends. Some great parks to check out are Shelby Farms and Overton park. I know it
may seem boring, but pack up a blanket, some snacks, and maybe a book (or some cards
if you’re going with friends) and go to the park and see how nice and peaceful it is.
5. Go shopping
When you’re bored or upset, retail therapy can do wonders. Even if you aren’t looking
to buy, go check out the stores at Carriage Crossing or Wolfchase, just to try on things
for fun. If you aren’t into high-priced retail, check out the Goodwill in Collierville or the
City Thrift in Memphis if you are feeling adventurous.
6. Watch Lady Gaga’s documentary on Netflix
No explanation needed. It’s called Gaga: Five Foot Two. You’re welcome. Go watch it.