What’s Going to Happen at the Apple Keynote


Matthew Moskowitz, Journalist



Apple’s Fall keynote on September 12th is expected to bring many new and exciting products next Tuesday. This keynote also marks the unveiling of Apple’s new $5 billion, 2.8 million square foot headquarters in Cupertino, CA. The entire keynote is basically revolving around the release of the company’s new rendition of the iPhone line possibly with the iPhone 8 alongside two other phone models, most likely the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. The new models are also expected to get a large increase in their prices all the way to around $1000. In addition to the expected iPhone debuts, the tech magnate is expected to debut their own rendition of a “home-bot” like that of Amazon and Samsung’s.


The public can be expecting numerous unveiling of products like a 4K Apple TV, the Apple Watch 3 Series, 4K content for iTunes, and the coveted iOS 11 update. One can only imagine how much it will cost to purchase each of the upcoming products. In related news, Apple has made a statement saying that the company will provide repairs on iPhones of those affected by Hurricane Harvey in addition to raising $3 million to aid the victims. Overall, it’s pretty clear that Apple has had a busy few weeks in preparation for the month of September’s events since they can only assume that the public is expecting the world from them.