Brady Bush, Journalist

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On Friday September 22 nd , TMZ released an article leaking that social media icon Kylie
Jenner, 20, is reportedly 5 months pregnant. Their sources were the friends of the baby’s
father, Travis Scott,25. Scott has been telling his friends for months about his new child. Kylie,
however, has been less open and still has yet to confirm anything herself.
The only solid information has come from other sources from the Kardashian family.
When asked about it, Kris Jenner, momager of the Kardashian clan, replied “Kylie’s not
confirming anything,” which lead to more suspicion about the pregnancy until Caitlyn Jenner
actually confirmed it saying, “I found out some time ago.”
Even though Kylie is having a baby before she even reached the legal drinking age, her
family is very supportive and has let it be known that this is something Kylie has wanted for a
long time. Sources close to the Kardashians claim that the Kardashians don’t think of Kylie as a
young 20-year- old, they think of her as much more mature and ready to have a baby and are
ready to support Kylie and her baby in the coming months.

The whole reason why Kylie and Kris are being so reluctant to say anything is that they
are trying to save Kylie’s billion-dollar business, Kylie Cosmetics. An inside source states that
Kris is just doing “everything she can” to ensure that Kylie’s company’s image remains
unscathed throughout the whole news break.
However, this lack of specificity and information led to some interesting theories before
further information was released among the public and fans. Some fans theorized that the baby
belonged to Tyga, Kylie’s ex-boyfriend. Other, more ludicrous theories, include the idea that
Kylie has become sister Kim Kardashian West’s surrogate mother after news broke some time
ago that Kim could not have more children herself.
All of these rumors were shut down when an insider confirmed that KYLIE and TRAVIS
SCOTT are expecting a baby girl in about 4 months.

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