Meet the New Teachers! – Latikia Evans


Autumn Lee, Journalist

This school year, Houston High School has many new teachers. One of these new teachers is ninth grade English teacher, Ms. Latikia Evans. Ms. Evans has been teaching for nine years and started teaching in Lauderdale County in 2007. She is excited to be at Houston and
enjoys “being able to converse with some really great thinkers each day.”
Ms. Evans grew up Brownsville, TN, and attended Haywood High School. In school, she most enjoyed her English and science classes. She also participated in after school activities such as the Girls' Ensemble, Chamber Choir, and Spanish Club. After high school, she went to the University of Tennessee at Martin to major in English.
Ms. Evans has “always enjoyed reading and writing, so I figured teaching English would almost be like going to a book club meeting every day.” After her teaching experience in Lauderdale County in 2007, she moved to Nashville and took a break from education. She then came back to teaching in Jackson-Madison County. She came to Houston High because she wanted to be closer to her fiancé who lives in this area. She enjoys teaching at Houston and seeing her students grow.
Stop by room M243 to say hello to Ms. Evans and make her feel welcomed at Houston!