Hurricane Party Playlist

Hurricane Party Playlist

Elizabeth Harless, HHS Disc Jockey

It’s hurricane season for states and countries all around the world, and you know what that means…no power, mass destruction of houses/cities, injuries, and fatalities? No silly, a hurricane party! If you’re brave enough (and in a zone that has been assured safety and is not under mandatory evacuation) to stay at your house during a hurricane, then you’ll definitely need some music for you, your family, and your friends to listen to! Forget milk and bread, all you need is this hurricane/tropical storm themed playlist! This playlist was designed to serve as an outline that may be customized to fit the mood of your own personal Hurricane Party! Although it is mainly directed at those in areas that can, geographically, be affected by a hurricane, the landlocked folks at home can jam too if they want! So buckle up and get ready to turn up, because the newest hurricanes, Jose and Maria are on their way!

  1. “Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season” by Jimmy Buffett — This calming song will remind you that even though there is a huge storm coming towards you, there is nothing you can do about it, so just relax!

  2. “Hurricane” by Halsey — This pop/alternative tune tells the tale of a boy who likes a girl (ugh how cliche) and is filled with hurricane and storm metaphors that set the perfect edgy mood for your hurricane party!

  3. “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)”  by Missy Elliot — This funky track will continue the chill vibe of your gathering, allowing for your guests to relate to Missy who proclaims throughout the refrain of the song, “I can’t stand the rain!” How fitting!

  4. “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles — We’ve reached the middle of the Hurricane Party Playlist. In the middle of a hurricane, the eye, there might seem like things are clearing up and a few guests might begin to get there coats to leave. Tell them to sit down, take off their shoes, and stay a while because this party’s just getting started!

  5. “Hurricane” by Bridgit Mendler — This song illustrates a confused teenager who is angry at the world. Sounds just like a hurricane to me! Talk about a tropical depression! This upbeat song will be sure liven up your party!

  6. “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele — This soulful track will set the mood for those guests at your party who feel really strongly about the rain and want to extinguish it. This song will put them in their place and remind them that they have no effect on the storm and can’t do anything to change the weather!

  7. “Purple Rain” by Prince  — This song, like the passing of its writer and singer, is a great end to an awesome party! When this song plays, alert your guests that it’s time to leave! Make sure to tell them to have a safe trip home! As they thank you for your hospitality (and legendary playlist) make sure to give them a copy of your setlist so they can play it at their future Hurricane Parties for their own guests!