It Review: Spooooooooky

Emma Coons, Journalist

A “new” take on a classic, It 2017 was classically scary. It won’t give a grown person nightmares, but it will give you quite a few frights. Set in Steven King’s town of Derry, a few middle schoolers in the ’80s take on a mystery of children going missing uncontrollably. What could be taking these children, you might ask? It. This movie will scare the shIT out of you…okay maybe not too bad, but It is quite spooky. 

This film made me jump, wince, and think all at the same time. Not only was it scary, it was actually hilarious. Surprising, this movie made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions. Finn Wolfhard’s character was the comedic relief, and maybe it’s just the Stranger Things fan in me, but he was born to play an ’80s mystery kid. His character was my favorite by far.

This movie is definitely worth going to see in the theaters. The whole atmosphere was perfect, and as an It remake it was perfect.