Meet the New Teacher’s! – Latvatalo


Nicole Burdette, Journalist

  1. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Finland. After high school I lived in Germany.


  1. Where did you go to High School? In Finland.


  1. What did you enjoy studying in High School? I enjoyed all the languages: German, English, French, Finnish and Swedish. 


  1. What extracurricular activities did you participate in in High School? We did not have extracurricular activities like we do here in the States, we had optional clubs and activities after school, my favorites were tennis, skiing and horseback riding.


  1. Where did you go to college? I got my Master’s Degree from theUniversity of Jyvaskyla in Finland. I have also studied in Germany and Belgium.


  1. What did you study/participate in in college? I studied German, English, Education and Social Policy.


  1. What class(es) do you teach here at Houston? German II.


  1. What prompted you to study to teach this subject? I love the language and the culture (and the food!) in German speaking countries.


  1. Have you ever taught before? If so, where and for how long? This is my 12thyear. I have taught in Finland, Portugal, Canada and the US.


  1. What prompted you to apply at Houston? I moved from Florida to Tennessee a year ago and I absolutely love it here. I had heard so many good things about the HHS.


  1. How are you enjoying the school so far? I love it! 
  2. What’s your favorite part about Houston High? The people here.  


  1. What’s your favorite part about being a teacher? Helping students learn a new language and open their eyes to new cultures and traditions. I have always loved working with children and young people and I can’t think of anything else I would rather do.


  1. How is working at Houston different from what you’ve done before? I have always been the only German teacher in a school, and this is the first time I have a colleague who teaches the same language. I am so happy about it.


  1. Is there any extra information you’d like for us to share about you or your class in the paper? I have a husband who is Lebanese-Canadian and we have a 9-year old son.