The Evil Within II


Luke Kim, Journalist

The sequel to The Evil Within is going to be the best game to come out this year by for a while. Even people who aren’t fans of horror will be waiting for The Evil Within 2 to come out on October 13. Bethesda released the perfect trailer to hype up this game even more than it already was without anything. The eerie, slow, and innocent song chosen for the trailer fit perfectly with the story and mood of the game.

The designers at Bethesda made an action horror game to be remembered. With an amazing story, The Evil Within 2 even gives the player their own path to choose having numerous side missions to do that give more to the story or leads you to your death. The main objective is clear, but how you get there is for you to figure out. With the communication device and Kidman in the real world, you might just be able to get there.

While you play as Sebastian Castellanos, the same main character as the first game, the player has to partner with the group that destroyed his former life in order to save his daughter, Lily, and win back his freedom. Sebastian was there the night of the house fire that supposedly took his daughter’s life, but now has renewed hope. He is forced to return to the Nightmare to kill the photographer, the man using Lily to enter the real world and continue making his art. For beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Stephano sees death as one of the most beautiful things that needs to be captured.