Here Comes the Capitalism


Nicole Burdette, Journalist

The Beatles continue to milk their reign over musical merchandise as they plan to auction off Eleanor Rigby’s grave next month.

Eleanor Rigby, whose name is immortalized in the Beatles’ song with a title of the same name, died in 1939 and may have been the subconscious inspiration behind the music. all u need is .JPG

  The grave is expected to be sold for between $2500-$5000 and the purchaser can expected to be able to be buried in it with 7 years when the grave contract runs out.

 The liverpool graveyard is an especially significant place to the Beatles and its fans since it is the original meeting place of the bassist and the guitarist of the band, Paul McCartney and John Lennon..

Yet, Rigby’s grave is not the only item for sale. Fans also have the chance to purchase the original handwritten score for the song, which is expected to be sold for around  $25,000.