Sky High or Sky Fail???


Brady Bush, Journalist

For the past few years, GMSD has been trying to integrate technology into our daily use at school. It started with giving one small group of freshman laptops in the 2015-2016 school year. Since then, it has progressed to 2 whole grades having laptops to carry around and use during the school day. This year, however, GMSD has decided to enforce the usage of Skyward and Schoology, replacing PowerSchool. This hasn’t been received well for a variety of reasons.

For one thing, teachers are now required to use Schoology in their teaching. We’ve had Schoology in the past, but it wasn’t used very much at school. Now, teachers must find a way to actively use it in their class. Some teachers are embracing it while others think that it’s unnecessary. The reality is that not everything can be taught using computers. For example, we cannot learn how to construct a triangle in geometry without doing it by hand.

The reason that the corporate level of GMSD decided to integrate Skyward into our system was all of the accessibility included in the program. To my understanding, on Skyward, teachers can do a multitude of things all in one place. Teachers can enter grades, look up a student’s schedule, contact the student’s parents or guardians, contact other teachers, and a whole lot more all on Skyward. So, the appeal of Skyward is definitely there. However, Skyward is known for not being user-friendly. The program doesn’t work smoothly and is very confusing for new users. So, when teachers weren’t given any orientation the program, it made things worse.

However, even though Schoology and Skyward haven’t been smoothly integrated into our system, they still have a lot of potential with all the benefits they bring. Change always brings some controversy and retaliation, but if nothing ever changed, we wouldn’t ever get anywhere. So even though Skyward and Schoology seem terrible now, we must endure the awkward figuring-it-out phase and look forward to our future with high hopes and optimism.