Best Single Player and Multiplayer Games of 2017


Luke Kim, Journalist

The best single player game recently released would be For Honor. It has many different characters for the player to choose from based on their own play style, the best story I’ve seen all year, great game mechanics, no glitches, and NPC’s, or non-playable characters, that you get strongly attached to.

For Honor is set in the Middle Ages when knights, Vikings, and samurai still existed. In the game, you can play as all three. Each type has multiple characters to pick from. If you like to play fast paced and want to be a knight you can, or if you want a heavy defensive character and like samurai that’s a choice as well. Multiple factions exist between each type that may or may not have common interests. The campaign starts the player off as a knight with a siege taking place on their castle. You are part of the Iron Legion faction. The enemy is another faction of knights called the Blackstone Legion. After they break through the castle walls, you are forced to join Blackstone in order to end the siege. Later in the story, you play as Vikings and samurai in numerous missions switching back and forth as you upgrade your characters’ abilities. The Blackstone’s leader, Apollyon, is the final boss in the end as you are a samurai. I got very attached to every playable character, as well as the NPC’s that accompanied them along the way.

I would give this game nine stars out of ten. It was an amazing game and had the best story all year, but it wasn’t perfect. Near the end there was a lot of senseless fighting, which is fun, but took a little away from the story. At the end of the game, I was very satisfied and happy.





PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds is the best multiplayer game to come out this year by far. Battlegrounds is a modern battle royal where you are dropped from a plane with nothing and have to find weapons and gear that will keep you alive and enable you to kills other players. The last player or team standing wins. Everything about this game is amazing from the graphics, to the objective, to minor details, and even glitches. If they took anything away from this game, it might push players away.

When you are dropped from the sky, you and/or your team choose a spot to parachute to collect your weaponry, armor, and health packs. Different spots you drop have better or worse loot. The better looting spots attract more players, so it is wiser to choose a normal area in order to have a better chance at winning. Many people use different strategies, depending if they want more action or how skilled they are. After about 5 minutes, a circle appears to push players towards one another. If you are out of the circle, you will start to take damage.

In the main lobby, you can customize your character to what you like after playing a couple matches and collecting coins from playing. Different articles of clothing are rarer than others, and some are better for camouflage. Once you have the character of your dreams, there are two game modes you can choose from. Either third person or first person. In third person point of view, players are able to look past walls to see other players while not being seen. In first person, you have to reveal yourself in order to look around. After choosing your preference between the two, you are able to choose teams, squads, or solo. In solo you die immediately after your health goes to zero, but in squads and teams you go down and your teammates can pick you up before you bleed out or get executed.

This game is on steam for you to play on PC. On steam it has a 7/10 rating, but I would give it a 10/10 because it has many more things done better than most other games. The game is based almost completely on skill level except for the random loot spawns. The game even has bullet time and drop. Battlegrounds has one hundred player lobbies which leads to meeting all kinds of players from different areas depending on where you live.